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  The Department of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj is responsible for implementing Poverty Alleviation Programmes and other Socio-Economic developmental schemes for rural upliftment and for strengthening institutions of local self government i.e. Panchayats. The objective of Rural Development is to provide responsive, accountable, transparent and people friendly administration. To achieve this objective the department of Rural Development is endeavoring to:-  
  (i). Generate employment opportunities by way of implementing various employment generation schemes.  
  (ii). Provide rural infrastructure i.e. rural roads, school buildings, rural huts, paths, Lanes & Drains community Medical centres, Animal care centres, Common facility centres, tanks ponds etc.  
  (iii).Raise the standard of living in rural areas by ways of implementing poverty alleviation programmes effectively and efficiently.  
  (iv).Decentralize the process of planning by giving Panchayats liberty to administer their own matters at Panchayat level and at village level.  
  (v).Promote peoples participation in the developmental process.  
  (vi). Capacity building by way of imparting training at various levels to the elected representatives and the officers and officials of the Department.  
  (vii). Bring Transparency and Accountability in administration by way of constituting vigilance cells in each district.  
  (viii). Devolution of Financial and Administrative powers to Panchayats.  
  (ix). Provide Information System and connect all Panchayats through NICs.  
  (x). Provide healthy and clean environment by launching & implementing Total Sanitation campaign in all the Districts of the province.  
  At the provincial level, the Directorate is headed by the Director Rural Dev. who is a major head of the Department in terms of Jammu and Kashmir Book of financial powers. The post is held by senior KAS/IAS officers. He exercises the administrative and the financial control over the whole of the province and is assisted by Joint Director(Adm.), Deputy Director (Planning), Divisional Publicity Officer (Publicity), Accounts Officer, BDO(HQ) and other ministerial staff to carry out the day to day working in the Directorate. Besides Superintending Engineer REW is supporting in all technical matters related to work executions. The Joint Director (Administration) provides assistance to the Director, Rural Development in all the Administrative matters. The assistance is provided on the issues pertaining to establishment, legal matters and also matters relating to disciplinary proceedings, complaints and other issues related to the Administration. He is also designated as the Departmental Vigilance Officer of the Department. The Deputy Director (Planning) deals with the Planning process in respect of formulation of the plans at the provincial level and their submission to the Govt. for approval of the Planning and Development Department. He monitors the schemes being implemented in the field and provides necessary assistance to the Director Rural Development in effective implementation of the schemes. The Divisional Publicity Officer (Publicity) assists Director, Rural Development in matters relating to the publicity of schemes and highlighting achievements. The Block Development Officer (Headquarter) is the Incharge of the Cell established for the complaint disposal, grievances of disabled persons and other routine matter related to PR.The Accounts Officer provides assistance to the Director, Rural Development in the field of financial/accounts matters. He is also the drawing and disbursing officer of the Directorate. He also formulates the budget and monitors the Non Plan expenditure.

The Directorate of Rural Development has units at the District/Block levels. There are 10 Districts and 148 Blocks under the administrative control of the directorate of Rural Development, Jammu. The Administrative Set up at the District level is as under:

1. Assistant Commissioner Development
2. Assistant Project Director(PO), DRDA
3. Executive Engineer, REW
4. District Panchayat Officer


At the Block Level, the Block Development Officers is responsible for formulation and implementation of Action Plans under various schemes through the field staff, which comprises of:

I.  Panchayat Inspector
II.  Junior Engineers
III. Village Level Workers(VLWs)
IV. Mukhi Savikas/Gram Savikas.
V.  Multi Purpose Workers(MPWs)
VI. Plantation Supervisors/Watchers/.

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