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The State government has passed Right to Information Act 2009 which gives access to information and devolves responsibility on different Departments for ensuring delivery of speedy justice to the people and for giving access to any source of information for familiarizing with the mode and manner of the implementation of the Programmes in a most transparent manner facilitating to plug the loopholes in the system and help eliminating possibility of any pilferage. An exhaustive procedure has been laid down for approaching the different rungs of Administration in this regard in the Rural Dev. Development and Panchayati Raj.

In the Administrative Department, the Administrative Secretary is the controlling officer by virtue of the notification issued by the Govt. appended to the J&K Right to Information rules, 2010. Different types of activities have been underlined for being transacted at different levels by different officers in order to ensure that speedy justice is ensured to the general public in a most transparent manner. The Administrative Secretary can be approached for eliciting any kind of information pertaining to Rural Dev. and Panchayati Raj on the following addresses and telephone numbers:

1. Sh. Sudarshan Kumar (KAS), Director, Rural Development Jammu, is the 1st Appellate Authority in respect of Rural Development Department Jammu Division, who can be contacted on his Mobile No. 9419138820 Tele. 0191-2505443(Off.)/2503537(Fax), Email: drdjjammu@yahoo.com

2. Joint Director (Adm.) Rural Development Jammu, is PIO at Division level  can be contacted on Telephone no: 0191-2554004 & Email: ddardjammu@gmail.com 

3. All Assistant Commissioners Development, Project Officers DRDA/IWMPs, District Panchayat Officers, Executive Engineers REW of RDD Jammu Division are the PIOs at District level and similarly Block Development Officers of RDD Jammu Div. are the PIOs at block level.

4. Section Officer (Admn.), Directorate of Rural Development Jammu is the authorized person for collection of fee under Right to Information Act. He can be contacted on 0191-2554004. Section wise dealing staff of the Directorate

For accessing any document the prescribed procedure will have to be followed by submission of the application in Form-A appended with the rules in light of the Right to Information Act 2009. In case where the applicant fails to get response in Form-C from the Incharge of the office within the stipulated time or is aggrieved by the response received, he can file an appeal before the Controlling Officer. The second appeal can be made against the decision of the Controlling Officer to the Administrative Department within 30 days time in the prescribed form.

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